Our soil sensor is an advanced technological device designed to accurately measure and monitor soil conditions. It provides essential information about key parameters such as moisture level, temperature, and nutrient content in the soil.

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From production to after-sales comprehensive assistance, we will assist in the standardization, scale, and modernization development process of agricultural production.


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Soil monitoring equipment is widely used in fields such as agricultural production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, horticultural planting, tree planting, pot planting, etc.


One stop intelligent production

Build a platform that integrates environmental awareness, production optimization, and intelligent/standardized production services


A Few Words About Us

JXCT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company mainly provides sensing equipment and solutions in three areas of atmospheric environment monitoring, agricultural parameter monitoring and industrial gas detection. It is a full-line IoT product supplier integrating R&D, production and sales.

The company has a variety of agricultural sensor, such as soil NPK sensor, soil PH sensor, soil quick measurement platform, etc. We can also customize the products that best meet your requirements according to your needs

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Advantage 1

Help users accurately measure soil temperature and humidity to better understand the plant environment.

Advantage 2

Provide timely data to help users find and solve plant environmental problems in a timely manner.

Advantage 3

Provide timely data to help users find and solve plant environmental problems in a timely manner.

Soil temperature and humidity sensor

Soil temperature and humidity sensor is a device used to measure the temperature and humidity of soil, helping users monitor and adjust the environment of plants.

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The most advanced sensor, including soil moisture, soil NPK, soil Ec, soil pH and many other sensors.

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