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The most advanced soil sensor with multiple parameters, including soil moisture, soil NPK, soil Ec, soil pH, etc., supports wireless transmission, real-time monitoring of soil, can be viewed remotely through the cloud, and can be used for smart agriculture, intelligent water-saving irrigation, etc. on the Internet of Things

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soil moisture sensor

A soil moisture sensor is a device used to measure the moisture content per unit volume of soil. It typically represents moisture content by measuring certain other characteristics of soil, such as resistance, dielectric constant, or interaction with neutrons. The measurement results of this sensor can be used for agricultural irrigation planning, climate research, solute transport research, and other applications.


Soil Probe

Soil probe is a device used to measure humidity and temperature at different depths in soil. It usually consists of a main device and multiple pins, each of which can be inserted into different depths of soil to measure humidity and temperature at that depth. Pins are usually made of stainless steel or plastic, with a triangular prism or cylindrical shape, and a sensor at the top to measure humidity and temperature. 


soil pH

Soil pH is usually determined by measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions in soil solutions. The higher the pH value, the more alkaline the soil becomes; The lower the pH value, the more acidic the soil becomes. The measurement of soil pH is crucial for understanding soil acidity and alkalinity, as it has a significant impact on the solubility of many elements and compounds. In addition, soil pH also affects the activity of soil microorganisms and the decomposition of Soil organic matter.

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